Some medical advances have nothing to do with medicine.

Introducing Rada’s revolutionary digital thermostatic faucets and showers

Engineered for modern healthcare.

The challenges associated with water use in the hospital setting are increasing each year. Healthcare-associated infections caused by unsafe water threaten patients and staff. Efforts to address the problems with existing faucets and showers pose safety concerns and mounting costs. A smarter solution is necessary to keep up with the demands of modern healthcare.

Cross Infection

Legionella pneumophila and Pseudomonas aeruginosa, among others, infect approximately 300,000 hospital patients each year, creating life-threatening situations for immunocompromised patients.
*Statistic from the American Water Works Association report, Waterborne Pathogens: A public health risk in US hospitals

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Smart Design

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Simply revolutionary.

When we designed Rada faucets and showers from the ground up,
we were guided by three simple principles.

Easy to Use
Easy to use

Touchless temperature control and intuitive design result in unparalleled simplicity.

Natural gesture controls are familiar and simple. High-contrast graphics deliver dynamic visual feedback to users regarding temperature. ADA-compliant shower levers require low rotational force to operate.

Safe to Use
Safe to Use

The most advanced thermostatic control available decreases the risk of infections and scalding.

Precise, non-touch control of temperature and flow reduces the risk of contamination and cross infection. Insulated cool-touch surfaces and digital thermostatic accuracy protect users from scalding.

Easy to Clean
Easy to clean

Ergonomic shape and design elevate clean to a whole new level.

Smooth faucets are shaped to conform to the human hand for easy cleaning. Fewer joints and crevices limit areas where bacteria typically grow, significantly reducing microbial buildup over time.

In the name of better patient care.

Rada faucets and showers are controlled by a revolutionary digital
thermostatic mixing valve that provides real advantages for modern healthcare.

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Purely innovative.

We’re bringing faucets and showers into the digital age. Configure water controls using a wide range of platforms, and access via a variety of interfaces.

Computer interface

Toolbox of control measures

A wide range of control measures allows users to manage water needs of individual locations with programmable operations, including duty and cold flushes, and thermal disinfection.

Automatic verification and recording

Control measures are automatically validated for temperature, duration, and flow. Data are saved to built-in memory, storing details for up to a year. Date and time are also recorded.

Fully programmable operation

Program and monitor faucets and showers on a wide range of platforms:
Temperature range: 91˚F - 113˚F
Flow times: 1 second – 1 hour

Behold the future of digital thermostatic
faucets and showers.

Forget everything you know about how a faucet and shower work. Because truth be told, these are not ordinary faucets and showers. They are the future of technology happening today.

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